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Geology walk – Side Pike & Lingmoor Fell (Langdale, Lake District) Sunday 16th June 2019


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Geology for hillwalkers – One day walk on Side Pike and Lingmoor Fell (Langdale, Lake District)

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10am to 4pm, Sunday 16th June 2019


Joining instructions will be available to download after booking.

The walk will visit Side Pike where several different types of volcanic rock can be seen in a limited area and Lingmoor Fell where more volcanic rocks (including lavas) are seen as well as sedimentary rocks and slate. Side Pike is an exceptionally interesting location give the great variety of volcanic rocks can be seen in such a small area as a result of the collapse of rocks in a caldera; the rock types include welded tuffs, breccias, reworked tuffs, lavas and column jointing. The landscape also shows features such as a very large scale fault line and features of glacial scouring of the summit area of Lingmoor Fell. On the return leg on the valley floor there is an exceptionally graphic example of a turbidite (collapsed sediments) and glacial features including glacial striations or scratches. The walk is framed throughout by the stunning scenery of Great Langdale at the heart of the Lake District fells. The geological history of the Lake District is explored and explained in practical terms and requires no knowledge of geology though is equally of interest to those with some geological background who are unfamiliar with the detail of the Lake District.

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Terms & Conditions

I will provide you with a guided walk at the announced location looking at the geology and scenery. The actual route on the day is dependent on weather and other conditions on the day and no route is guaranteed. I reserve the right to alter the routing and the location depending on weather and the welfare of the entire party.

If I have to cancel the guided walk in advance I will provide you with a full refund.

A file containing course notes and joining instructions can be downloaded after booking – if you have trouble downloading the file contact me by email and I will send you the file as an email attachment as soon as feasible.

The course fee is payable by you on booking.

If you want to cancel your booking I will refund 85% of the fee if you cancel at least 14 days before the course date. For cancellations with less than 14 days of notice there will be no refund.

You will notify me in advance or at the start of the guided walk (in confidence) of any medical conditions you have and which I may need to know about given that the walks are on rough mountain terrain and can involve up to 400 metres of ascent.

Hillwalking can be a demanding and potentially dangerous activity and care must be taken to ensure your personal safety on the walk where the paths and tracks can be steep and stony.

English & Welsh law will apply to this contract.